MAST Handbook

The Multi Agency Screening Team (MAST) operates borough wide and is the first contact point for all new referrals regarding children and young people, including referrals for children with a disability, domestic abuse referrals and cases that have been identified for the CSE/ Vulnerable Children's Team. The service comprises a multi-agency team of social care staff, police and health colleagues with attendance as required from other services.

Each referral is screened within strict timescales and involves the gathering and sharing of information, which is analysed so an appropriate response can be made to ensure children and young people in Calderdale are safeguarded effectively. If further assessment or support is required, the case is transferred to the Children's Assessment Team (CAT).

Where the referral is for an Occupational Therapist or Learning Disability Nurse in the disabled Children's team, the referral will be forwarded to the Disabled Children Team (DCT) immediately.


MAST Handbook - The MAST handbook covers the work of the team and sets out the individual responsibilities of social workers, practice managers and team managers.

MAST Information Sharing Agreement

Children's Social Care Practice Standards

Section 7 and Section 37 Protocol Flowchart

Transfer Protocol for Cases Transferring between Children's Social Care Teams