Obtaining Birth Certificates for Children Looked After


This chapter explains how to obtain a Birth Certificate for a Child Looked After.

It was added to the Procedures Manual in December 2014.

1. Introduction

All  Children Looked After should have a birth certificate available to them or their carers.

2. For Children Born in Calderdale

Birth certificates for children born in Calderdale  can be obtained by contacting the registry office on the address below and providing details of the child's name, date and place of birth, the name of the mother and father and appropriate team budget code:


Birth Certificates can also be obtained in person form the local registry office where the birth was registered.

3. For Children Born Outside Calderdale

If the birth was outside of Calderdale, full details and an online application can be found at the General Register Office website.

4. What to do with the Birth Certificate

An electronic copy of the child's birth certificate should be held on the child's electronic case file record.

The paper copy of the birth certificate should be passed to the child's carers, so as to allow access by the carers and the child.  When a child or young person leaves care, the original birth certificate should be given to them.