Management Oversight / Decision Making

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This chapter was amended in July 2019 in relation to management oversight of decisions recorded on CASS.

1. Introduction

There is a clear Supervision Policy and Framework in place in the department alongside a Decision Making Hierarchy. Management decisions which have a significant impact upon children's lives should be made in the context of a careful / considered approach in Supervision in line with the Decision Making Hierarchy. All decisions should be fully recorded on the child's electronic record.

2. Purpose of this Document

This document gives advice / clarity regarding management oversight/decision making outside formal supervision. Inevitably in front-line safeguarding and child protection teams there will be decisions which will need to be made in emergencies, or which will not safely wait until the next planned supervision. It is important that this level of management oversight / supervision and decision making is captured and evidenced on the child's electronic record.

The circumstances where such oversight/decisions may be required include (although not exclusive to):

  • Need for emergency intervention i.e. Police Protection / Emergency Protection Order;
  • Permission from Senior Managers to seek a placement;
  • Informal conversations/management directions;
  • Decision to move children's placement outside of Placement Panel.
It is also important to record management oversight / decision making where decisions not to progress courses of action are taken. Such decisions should be taken at the appropriate level outlined in the department's Decision Making Hierarchy (see: Roles, Responsibilities and Decision Making Hierarchy).

3. Advice / Guidance in the Operation of the Process

Where outcome of decisions have been made or agreed not to be progressed, the management oversight section of the child's electronic record should be completed on CASS. The practitioner's line manager should be the first point of contact for this discussion.

Where the manager providing management oversight is not the practitioner's line manager, the line manager should be notified. It is the responsibility of the manager making the decision to ensure that the record is completed.