Adoption Finance


To ensure that both staff and adopters have accurate information about the financial support in adoption.

To ensure that adequate financial support is available in the adoption process.

To ensure prompt and correct payment of allowances for the benefit of adopters, children and the department.

The responsibilities are shared so please check the One Adoption procedures as indicated.

Respective Responsibilities (Local Authority and One Adoption)

  • Financing family finding activity (One Adoption);
  • Financing placement planning and introductions (One Adoption);
  • Initial Adoption Grants (One Adoption) - Unless it is an Early Permanence Placement – in which case responsibility lies with the Local Authority;
  • Financial Support to Adopters (Local Authority - under review);
  • Legal costs - One Adoption reimburse the Adopters for the cost of the order, but the Local Authority pays the legal costs, if it is in support of the application. All invoices should be sent initially to One Adoption who will follow up reimbursement;
  • Post adoption specific grants (Local Authority - under review).


This chapter should be read in conjunction with Adoption Support Procedure.

1. Financing Family Finding (One Adoption)

See: One Adoption Procedures Manual.

2. Criteria for Financial Support to Adopters (One Adoption)

See: One Adoption Procedures Manual.