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5.8.4 Contents of Foster Carer Files

All records should be filed chronologically with the most recent on top, and where possible, filed in the order set out below, although it is recognised that where there are updates of the same document then chronological ordering must take precedence.

1. Basic Information 2. Written Agreements 3. File Notes
  • Carer details (basic information);
  • Placement record;
  • Record of significant events (Inc. allegations & complaints);
  • Challenging Situations Reporting Form;
  • Carers Safe Care Policy.
  • Foster Care Agreement;
  • Placement Agreement Form;
  • Temporary or permanent changes of approval documentation, Inc. letters;
  • Short breaks - foster care disabled children parental consent;
  • Short breaks - foster care disabled children guidelines.
  • Daily record sheet;
  • Record of supervisory visits to foster carer;
  • Record of discussion.
4. Assessment and Reviews 5. Correspondence 6. Financial
  • A10 Assessment report form;
  • Additional information sheet for placements made under Regulation 38;
  • Reports to Fostering Panel;
  • Fostering Panel minutes Inc. approval;
  • Foster carer review reports.
  • Letters;
  • Emails;
  • Memos.
  • Mileage claims;
  • Instructions to accounts - payments to foster carers;
  • Confirmation of insurance cover documents
  • Support care foster care;
  • Training expenses claim form;
  • Other related financial claims Inc. letters and emails.
7. Training 8. References 9. Other Admin.
  • Application for training;
  • Courses completed (carers may choose to retain their certificates).
  • Summary of checks - fostering (most recent on top);
  • DBS;
  • SSD/Child protection;
  • Probation agencies;
  • NSPCC;
  • Education Welfare;
  • Employers reference;
  • Health & safety checklist;
  • Personal references;
  • School;
  • Health visitor;
  • Medical report/update;
  • Previous partner;
  • Voluntary work with children
  • Health & safety checklist;
  • Dog questionnaire;
  • Other checks;
  • Records should also include the date when the checks were made.
  • Carer holidays.
10. Excluded From Access
  • Notification of allegation/complaint/incident;
  • Strategy meeting minutes;
  • Third party information;
  • Information from parties requesting confidentiality Inc. references;
  • Information protected by law, i.e. under the Data Protection Act 1998;
  • Any other meetings where information is confidential.