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January 2018

Updated Chapters
Chapter Title Details
Contacts and Referrals for Children in Need This guidance has been reviewed locally and updated as required to reflect processes for responding to contacts and referrals.
Decision to Look After A new Section 2.3, Section 20 Accommodation has been added to this guidance and contains details on the following; obtaining parental consent, recording parental consent and the use of Section 20 prior to court proceedings.
Death of or Serious Injury to a Child This procedure has been reviewed and updated in line with the requirement to notify Ofsted of any serious childcare incident using the Ofsted online notification form.
Child Sexual Exploitation Team and Operational Group: Roles and Responsibilities of Children’s Social Care This chapter has been reviewed and updated throughout to reflect current arrangements for responding to concerns around the sexual exploitation of children and young people in Calderdale. An updated CSE Referral flowchart was added into Appendix 1.
Private Fostering Section 4, Financial Support has been updated and explains the expectations around financial responsibility for children who are privately fostered.
Families with No Recourse to Public Funds A link has been added to information from the Project for the Registration of Children as British Citizens in relation to the responsibilities that local authorities have to ensure that children in their care have effective access to specialist legal advice so their citizenship or any entitlement to citizenship is secured. See Relevant Guidance for full details.
Children Looked After in Contact with Youth Justice Services

Links have been added to the following local documents:

PACE –Post Charge/Placement Information Form for Placement Overnight - This form is for use when a young person has been charged and detained to appear before court the following day, this this form should be completed and a copy placed on the electronic system (CASS). A copy should also be given to the PACE placement and emailed to YOT; and

Calderdale Appropriate Adults Protocol – This protocol, which has been agreed between Children and Young People’s Directorate (CSC including EDT and YOT), Adult Health and Social Care and West Yorkshire Police (Calderdale District), sets out the agreement on the provision of Appropriate Adult services for young people and vulnerable adults whilst in the West Yorkshire Police Service (Calderdale) custody suite and describes the duties and responsibilities of the respective agencies.
Supervision and Support of Foster Carers Section 5, Support Provided by the Supervising Social Worker (During Placement) has been updated to reflect that the foster carer’s Safer Caring Plan should be updated whenever there are any changes in foster carer household including the addition of any new pets.
Applications for Special Guardianship This procedure has been reviewed and updated throughout.
New Chapters and Features
Chapter Title Details
Children’s Consultation and Participation Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 states clearly that one of the key principles underpinning safeguarding should be: "a child-centred approach: for services to be effective they should be based on a clear understanding of the needs and views of children." It is essential therefore that children and young people are enabled by professionals to participate in matters that affect them, particularly any plans or arrangements that will affect them and/or their family and are consulted with regard to processes designed to improve services both to them individually and more generally. This new guidance considers the benefits of, and barriers to, promoting the involvement of children and young people in the work of Children's Social Care.
Removed Chapters
  • External Fostering and Residential Placements;
  • External Residential Placements;
  • Decision Making Hierarchy.

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